Cum Fast Cum Slow


I own it, I control it ! What you need is some serious cock training . In My sheer bodysuit..I have you entranced, hanging on My every word. you will cum when I want you to, and how I want you to. I first lead you through a quick release, you should have no problem with that...you are ready to pop as soon as you lay eyes on Me ! I teach you a technique to make a recovery and gain a second wind. Now the fun part begins... I command you to stroke again for Me, sometimes fast sometimes slow...leading you down a roller coaster ride that enforces My will over you and grabs a hold on your submissive nature that wants nothing more than to please Me ! I know you don't want to disappoint Me ! you know what happens when I am disappointed ! I will train you to cum in 2 minutes or 2 hours ! Get to work on this exercise immediately! I will not be satisfied until I get the exact results I want !


This Clip Contains : Mesmerize, slave training, FemDom, Masturbation Instruction , JOI , cock Control



Chastity Test Pass


Have you been a good boy and remained chaste for an entire week ? If so then you deserve a much needed release ! Goddess Cheyenne instructs you explicitly . you are one step closer to qualifying for the privilege of submitting your keys. Feast your eyes on the lascivious poses and hear the commands of The Goddess drawing you deeper into submission with the delight of worshipping Her.


This clip contains: Goddess Worship , Chastity, Sensual Domination , Tease and Reward, FemDom POV, Masturbation Instruction, Leg and Foot Show



Cock Punishing Latex Nurse


Shining latex hugs My every curve as I teach slave l8tx a lesson in chastity and cock control. The tiny cage stops him from getting any use of his member , however...I still have plenty of access for My purposes. I use a urethral sound to get things started. I stretch the tiny hole with the steel rod pumping it in and out . the boy moans and squirms from the sensation of his cock being violated . My Wartenberg wheel mind fucks the slave into thinking he is being cut. I roll it back and forth along his balls...ramping up for My next more brutal torment! I show the slave My forceps . I dont mince words when I let him know that I will be controlling his cock and the treatments will continue to raise in intensity until behavior modification is achieved ! Pinching small areas of skin with the forceps and pulling it through the bars of the tiny cage sends the slave into agonizing guttural screams . I show no mercy as I then use needles piercing the area stretching the skin taut outside of the chastity device ! The boy has hope that after he has suffered so that he would be granted a release... No Mercy again ! I tease him relentlessly with a hitachi wand , his cock strains against the chastity . I take of My cape and reveal that My dress is completely transparent .I make a point of leaning directly over the boys face tormenting him even further with the View and the Hitachi. Leaving him there with blue balls , locked in chastity brings a Broad Smile to My Face ! A happy ending for Me !


This Clip Contains: Medical Fetish, Female Domination, cbt, Tease & Denial , Latex