Domina Mara of Los Angeles


I hail from international waters with Chinese, Filipino, and Spanish blood. My career began in 2013 as a professional BDSM player at a local dungeon in Los Angeles, and created a solid foundation for my knowledge of Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, and Sado-Masochism. As a Dominant, my greatest joy is watching you transform into the most humble and genuine submissive with PURPOSE.  For my fetishes, rates, and booking information, continue to my website. You may also fly me to you or keep an eye out for my dates to your city via my Newsletter on my website.  I am Domina Mara, and I am here to Dominate you.

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Mistress Alexa - San Diego Southern California


Born Goddess, it is my birth right to dominate. I am the perfect blend of sensual and sadistic, a straight up merciless tease.  I get extreme pleasure in humiliating, manipulating and torturing weak males. Using hypnotizing curves along with my wicked sense of humor, and creative perversions to whip you into submission.  Skilled in the art of dominance and seduction,  I provide a realm where you can escape reality and experience your darkest desires. **Now sessioning , a fully equip dungeon located in Miramar/San Diego.** - text preferred 7604211867.

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Mistress Minax of San Francisco


Whether my stroke or words be gentle or harsh, you need surrender and I will take you there. Mature, sophisticated, humorous and sadistic...I am a domina, a trickster and a healer. My sumptuous Lair is exquisitely equipped with bondage table/chair, sling, fucking machines, venus 2000 for men, stainless steel toys, medical grade everything. You will find yourself fully seen and heard and trained with compassion and skill.

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Mistress Simone Justice of Los Angeles


Lifestyle Mistress and Pro-Domme with 20+yrs experience, internationally renowned, mentor to top dominatrices, writer, and S&M performer. I'm also a Sublime Lady of OWK since 1997 and often travel for events. My specialty is Enslavement. My favorite techniques: Bondage, Caning, Chastity/Denial, Corporal, Cross-dress, Electricity, FinDom, Foot Worship, Flogging, Humiliation, NT, CBT, Sensory Deprivation, Slave Training, Suspension, Verbal Domination, and Whipping.

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Asian Mistress Lucy Khan


Intelligent, imaginative, and highly disciplined, I am a former collegiate athlete with an elite-level education. As such, creating twisted scenarios that incorporate both body and brain excite Me the most. Like a tornado revolving around a calm, still center, I move with focus and grace as I upend the psyches that lay in My path. The curves of My strong, feminine lines demand to be worshipped as I tower over you, manipulating your puppet strings…

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MsMadyson of Los Angeles


I am The EuroBlack Phoenix. I shall ascending as your Exquisitely Sadistic Financial Dominatrix who does it all with style & grace. From draining you dry to drying My feet on you. From Fantasy Role playing to Corporal Punishment I’ll have you do anything else to entertain Me. With over 10yrs experience under My corset; I enjoy wearing fetish gear as well as sexy sensual attire; whatever I feel will make you a drooling fool. A deposit is required for all new clients which can be made via GreenDot MoneyPak emailing the code to

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Goddess of the Dark - Los Angeles


Gorgeous Superior ProDomme Goddess ~Perfection~ Femdom Evil Fun ;) a true sadist that geniune enjoys playing with human toys I bat them around, torture them before I finally sink my claws in I am a wicked powerful creature encased in perfection I am an experienced lifestyle domme - no little girl playing dress up - the real deal! I do what I want & never follow a script I do not overplan my sessions. I go with the mood & energy between myself & my subs. This keeps thing fresh and fun! Every session is unique! ...and I always have fun!

Goddess of the Dark


Miss Sheri Darling of Orange County and Los Angeles


I'm a Dominant Player, Skilled Sadist & Kinky Fetishist. I tease & torment kinky perverts in Orange County, Los Angeles & wherever I may be traveling, so keep up. I enjoy playing with submissives and fetishists of all kinds, but sessions dont have to be about Domination and submission, we can have a fun escape into a fetish fantasy playtime that you will never forget. All sessions are held in a fully equipped play space, complete with all the right tools to tease and/or torment you. Politely request time with Me via My website.

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Mistress Joi of Los Angeles


Find your place at the foot of a Goddess. Mistress Joi enjoys being pampered by her loyal humble slaves. Only the most respectful and generous subs have the opportunity to serve Mistress Joi. Indulge in a unique experience with a Goddess that will leave you feeling renewed.

Mistress Joi


Miss Vera Violante of Los Angeles (Downtown) and San Diego


My name is Miss Vera, and I am a highly skilled Player Who is sincerely passionate about BDSM. Human sexuality and sensuality have always been a big part of My psychological fascinations, and exploring them and what turns people on is in fact a turn on to Myself. I appreciate people who are willing to dig deep within themselves to discover who they are and with even greater reward, helping them get there. I aim to get inside your head and give you one of the most erotic BDSM experiences to which you ve ever succumb. Surrender yourself to Me.

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