I would like to invite you into My world. I am a very strict and sometimes cruel woman who enjoys punishing her subs with corporal punishment. I delight in tormenting my subs with my wickedly cruel implements such as:


   Cane, Hairbrush,

   Slipper, Riding crop, Strap & tawse, Paddle (wooden & leather)

   & My own hand of course


I also relish in punishing them with facesitting, ballbusting, CBT, trampling, fantasy wrestling, foot worship, boot worship, shoe worship, bottom worship & strap-on worship. I enjoy humiliating subs with maid training too.


I hold dominatrix sessions in Hertfordshire and Glasgow, Scotland


To torment and inflict pain on my subs more effectively, I have an extensive wardrobe and I always dress in the appropriate attire, depending on the punishment. I am also renowned for my roleplay abilities. You will soon forget where you are and lose yourself in a session if you dare to play along with me...


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Miss Jessica punishments in the UK


This is where you can buy full length and short movie clips of me punishing my favourite subs.


Hand spanking, hairbrush, cane, riding crop, tawse, paddle, birch and a carpet beater are some of the implements I use to cause pain to my victim.


I also punish my subs with ballbusting, face-sitting and foot and heel worship.


In my clips there are not only hard beatings and punishments

but imaginative scenarios and storylines as well as the pure action. Roleplay is my speciality.


So take a look at the clips below and see what you fancy...


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