Miss Elle Roth - Calgary, Alberta


Miss Elle Roth is an all natural dominatrix, lady, educator and total Aphrodite (with a crop). She has extensive experience in discipline, submissive training (new and old) and worship. Miss Roth is someone you would see if you seek D/s mentorship, crave being around genuine, confident femininity, enjoy someone who balances softness and control, like being useful to someone powerful, need guidance and rectitude in your life, and loves pleasing a true beauty. To apply properly, please follow the protocol on her website - exceptions will not be made. Here, finally, is a Domme who is the complete package: intelligent, passionate, skillful, seductive and stunning.

Miss Elle Roth


Morgan Thorne of Toronto (Upper Beaches)


Head Mistress Morgan Thorne has been actively involved in kink for 20 years, and has been a professional Dominatrix for almost four. She may stand only five feet tall (much taller in her wide selection of high heels) but she will lord over you with her commanding presence. Curvaceous measurements and a tightly corseted waist give her an extreme hourglass figure. Her extensive, custom tattoo work is accented by a few classic body piercings and a pink Mohawk (which can be worn in a variety of styles), making Ms Thorne the perfect gothic goddess.

Morgan Thorne


Mistress Marine of Ste-Adèle


Beautiful, sophisticated, French Dominatrix specialized foot fetish ,golden and brown showers etc invites you to taste her supremacy.

Mistress Marine


Mistress Mindy, Toronto, Ontario


A Toronto Dominatrix who is truly a kink paradox; someone so young, and so experienced. Mistress Mindy began her career at a sinfully young age and has developed her craft like no other. Relish an emotional and psychological encounter like you've never enjoyed before as she reaches into your mind and tickles your deepest, darkest BDSM desires. Visit today to book a session, or just to get a taste of what she can provide.


Mistress Mindy